M ao Cubo – Regulatory Consulting is a consulting company built up by professionals with an extensive knowledge and experiences acquired in the demanding environment of the pharmaceutical industry, with a strong practical inclusive know how of both the companies and the authorities’ realities, with the main purpose of support their clients by maximizing their strengths and existing potential.

We are a multi-disciplinary company supported by a high skilled and qualified team of professionals and experts in specific areas which enable us to respond to a wide range of requests.

We provide a high quality and differentiated service with the aim of continuous improvement having as priority the satisfaction of our customers, helping to fulfill requirements quickly, lowering the costs and ensuring product quality.



Companies should multiply their efforts to follow, meet and implement the rules resulting from the growing demand and evolving complexity of several regulatory and ongoing legislative developments.

The mission of M ao Cubo – Regulatory Consulting is to collaborate with companies by providing consulting services and/or assistance in order to meet the needs of customers in their relationship with the authorities.

The use of specialized consulting services enables companies to achieve greater efficiency in the development of critical business activities.



Our business drive is the ability to interpret the reality through the knowledge, skills and experience of our experts, which enable us to perform an accurate diagnostic and design differentiated targeted actions to perfectly meet the needs of our partners.

Our keys to success are the Quality, the Integrity and the solid partner relationships with our Customers.